Dazzile Africa recently screened Eye of the Pangolin film on their website.

Afterwards, APWG’s Nicci Wright took part in a panel discussion with filmmaker Bruce Young, Paul Thomson of Save Pangolins, Rod Cassidy from Sangha Lodge, and Kate Wilson from Mulberry Mongoose.

Amongst other things they discussed the magic of looking a pangolin in the eye,  the propulsion of pangolins into the spotlight because of covid-19, and other coronavirus related facts about pangolins.

They also discussed the importance of getting the younger generation to advocate for Pangolins – including a picture book suggestion.

There were quite a few questions asked that the panelist could not answer because pangolins are so elusive – how long do they live if not interferred with by people?, which country has the largest population of pangolins?, and do pangolins have twins?

It is a fascinating film and an interesting discussion – spend a few lockdown hours learning all about pangolins!

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