Conferences and Workshops

Pangolin species globally are now faced with a very real probability of extinction, primarily as a result of unprecedented levels of poaching on natural wild populations. The four Asian species are reaching critically low population levels and the four African species are now experiencing extensive poaching and illicit trade volumes to compensative for the low availability of pangolins in the Asian market. Local harvest and trade has also been found to be completely unsustainable in these mammals with naturally low population recruitment. However, this group of rare mammals has received very little attention from the scientific community and many aspects of their ecology, biology and physiology remain unknown.

Conferences and workshops are hosted to bring together scientists, animal welfare and animal rights organisations, conservationists and government officials from across global pangolin range states to share their knowledge and expertise gained from their experience and research with regards pangolin ecology, biology, conservation, rehabilitation and trade.

Our aim is to forge friendships, collaborative projects and help us to better understand, manage and conserve these elusive, rare and fascinating mammals.


In October 2015 The African Pangolin Working Group successfully hosted the first international conference on pangolin conservation, trade and rehabilitation in South Africa

Delegates from a number of pangolin range states and other concerned countries around the world, including Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Cameroon, USA, UK and Zimbabwe, attended and participated in this conference discussing their scientific findings on pangolin–related studies.

By sharing their findings, all delegates are able to better understand these rare and little-understood mammals that are now all closer to extinction and regarded as the most traded mammals in the world.


Workshops are held more regularly for people who work in areas where they are likely to come into contact with pangolins. The focus of these workshops is to teach the best practice for handling, transportation, rehabilitation and release of compromised Temminck’s ground pangolins retrieved from the illegal wildlife trade in South Africa.

Topics covered include legal information, handling, transportation, veterinary care, rehabilitation and release protocols.

If your organisation is interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us.