Conservation of pangolins in South Africa

Species threats

Although large predators, starvation, fires and possibly disease pose a threat to wild pangolins, the vast majority of threats facing pangolins today are of a human origin.


All pangolins retrieved out of the illegal wildlife trade are compromised. Each retrieved pangolin is assessed, treated and rehabilitated by our experienced team.

Law Enforcement

The African Pangolin Working Group works very closely with law enforcement organizations with information, training, on the ground collaboration, and testimony.

Our K9 unit

The African Pangolin Working Group, in partnership with the Paramount Group, has developed a K9 pangolin detection program with several dogs in training to detect the scent of pangolins.

Report a sighting

The African Pangolin Working Group is mapping the past and present distribution of all pangolins in Africa. We welcome sightings of any pangolin species from any year and any country.