Hospitalisation, Rehabilitation and Release of Pangolins

All pangolins retrieved out of the illegal wildlife trade are compromised. The African Pangolin Working Group has been appointed by the South African Government, to oversee the rehabilitation of pangolins in the country.  Each retrieved pangolin is assessed, treated and rehabilitated by our experienced team: Rehabilitation specialist, Nicci Wright, who has nine years of experience working with pangolins, and veterinarian Dr Karin Lourens.

This programme includes

  • permitting  and travelling across the country to collect a pangolin that has been confiscated from the trade
  • collaborating with a dedicated wildlife hospital – the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital - a world leader in the veterinary treatment of Temmincks ground pangolin, facilitated by Dr Karin Lourens
  • assessment of a pangolin on admittance, stabilisation, radiographs, sonar scans, blood analyses, medication and intensive care by trained vets and nursing by rehabilitation specialists
  • guided and supported foraging for up to eight hours a day by a dedicated walker
  • attaching a telemetry tracking device (both satellite and VHF) and soft release into a safe and conducive area with ongoing tracking and data collection for up to 12 months

More than 30 pangolins were treated in 2018.