The four African pangolin species


Temminck’s pangolin is the most widespread and second-largest of the four African pangolin species, occurring from northern South Africa through most of East Africa and into southern Sudan and southern Chad.


This is the largest of the African pangolin species, and is also the rarest. It is a nocturnal, terrestrial species, inhabiting forests and forest-savanna mosaics in Central and West Africa, marginally entering East Africa as well.


The Black-bellied pangolin has large scales which are often a rich ochre colour with dark borders. The skin is black, contrasting with the ochre scales and resulting in this species arguably being the most beautiful pangolin species.


This small, arboreal species is fairly widespread and is also the species most frequently encountered, but they are by no means common. The body is covered in numerous small scales, with each scale having three projecting points when new.

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