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Mission Statement

To conserve Africa’s pangolin species and the habitat they occupy


Pangolin – the venerable ‘wise old man’ of the African bush – is said to be a totem of good luck and the bringer of rain. This enigmatic creature that holds the secrets of 85 million years of evolution is now the most poached mammal on the planet. Find out about the unseen lives of these rare creatures and how you can join us in averting their extinction. 


Discover everything you need to know about the four African pangolin species.


Find out what is being done on the ground to stop pangolins from becoming extinct.


Our vital work is not entirely covered by research grants. Help us to help pangolins by contributing to the cause.

2nd International Pangolin Conference

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Meet our pangolin people

Our people are all passionate about pangolins. Whether they are researcher, hands-on wildlife experts or experienced rehabilitators, they are all dedicated to the struggle to stop a species extinction.

Explore pangolin research

Understanding pangolins and where they come into conflict with humans is essential to the survival of the species.